Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It Gets Sweeter.....

Well, yesterday was our 37th wedding anniversary! We had hoped to be in Hawaii for the occasion but our grandbaby is not the celebrating will just have to wait until he does...we didn't want to not do anything on our special day, so we went to CrackerBarrell (big surprise) for breakfast..and then for dinner we ate at The Dock's...a local restuarant located on the river at Goosepond. I enjoyed King Snow Crab Legs and Tony had a steak....we love eating out...I miss cooking sometimes, but Tony says i've done my time in the kitchen and he hates for me to have to clean a kitchen just to say I cooked for him...LOL..gotta love this man...but I haven't completely stopped cooking, sometimes I feel the need to pick up a skillet and cook something...and when I do, he'll say that he misses my i'll cook a few meals in a row, and then he's like...uh...wanna go to CrackerBarrell????....LOL...that means he's tired of me spending hours in the kitchen..I don't know about you other ladies, but i'm like my grandmother, some of you knew her as Sis Lois Brazier...I have to mess up every single pot I own to cook...even cooking for just us two, I can create a disaster! And then it takes a long time to clean it back up...but some say that's why my cooking is so I see an empty pot or skillet, then I must cook something in's the reason that when I cook for just us there are like 7 dishes on the table...and all he wanted was Pinto's!...I love to cook for my kids and have them come to the house, but it doesn't happen too often..with singings, practice for singings, revivals, church, seems like there is no good night for everyone...I know one day we'll regret that we didn't...things can change in an instant, as it did with the recent passing of Br Mike Goolesby..what a sad tragedy. You just take life for granted, just always think they'll be there tomorrow, we can do it some other time...but you never know. Now I must say that my kids have never to my knowledge told me no when i've asked them to come for dinner...(they're not i'm saying is that I tell myself that they are too busy with their lives to bother them with it...Erica and Todd both have groups and by the time they practice one night, go to their midweek service then a singing on Fri night, I hate to take an opportunity to spend it at home away from them, and then Slick has his responsibilities of the church to see to, including helping in revivals, so I just put myself on the "someday" list...maybe I shouldn't do that...maybe I should just say..."Look kids, I want a time slot in your busy won't have me around forever.."...but the sad reality is that it may be that I lose one of never know...I just know that I miss my parents terribly...If I could have them back again, I would either go see them or call about them daily...i'm sorry to say I didn't do that but a couple of times a week...I hope they knew I loved them...ok..let's change the subject....please.
Most don't know this, but I have started raising puppies....another sister from my church, Sis Carol Moskoyes, is partners with me...i've always wanted to do this, but never found an incentive to follow thru with it until Sis Yvonne opened her pet grooming store this Feb (which I am partners with her in also)...I had another friend who raised dogs and she needed to sell some. We told her we would try to help her sell them and she gave us a commission. She brought us 9 puppies and we had them sold in no time! Word had gotten round town that we had puppies for sale, but now we didn't have any, which led me to look for local breeders, buy their litters and sell them at the store to make a lil extra for the shop...I got to thinking that this would be a good time to pursue my desire to raise I went with it...I bought several good breeders, and have successfully had 1 litter so far...and we're expecting our 2nd litter any day now. Actually today is her due date...but i've been expecting her to whelp a few days now, she looks so miserable...this morning she barely touched her food, and went straight back to her whelping box, which is actually a small plastic swimming i'm expecting to get puppies very soon! I am having a kennel house built as I write and i'm very excited to have a heated and cooled place for the dogs when it is complete...I will be inspected by AKC and then i'm official! Course, I don't have to be inspected by AKC to be official, but it helps when it's time to advertise. Right now we have Maltese, Yorkies and Schnauzers. I also have a Toy Poodle that we got from someone who needed to get rid of him, and we are going to have the "designer" breeds of Malt-Poo's and Schnoodles! I want to get one more breed, the Shih Tzu's, then i'm done...I think...LOL!


  1. Oh, I love Yorkies! I would love to have one, but we can't have dogs indoor here (allergies). We have a Doxle...that's Beagle/Dachshound! He's so cute!

  2. Happy Late Birthday, Anniversary, new grandbaby, new puppies....... you do have ALOT going on!!!!!