Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready to Go!

Sis Sherrill has made mention of this song on my blog, and I guess it's kinda fitting seeing that we're just hours away from boarding a plane to begin our journey to Hawaii to get our new grandson. Of course, i'm hoping and praying we have a safe flight there and back..and that everyone does good on the plane and the hours "fly" by...pardon the pun...and yes, it was intended..LOL....We're all packed, and it is 9:30pm Sunday night. We leave for the airport at around 3:45am...Tony is already dressed..ha ha..he says he is gonna stay up and watch TV so he'll be good and sleepy and hopefully can sleep onboard the plane...I'm afraid he is gonna regret that..they are 5 hours behind us..and even with a good nights rest, this trip will be very taxing. When I went with them to get Carter, I didn't think the day would ever kept on staying daylight...but in crossing time zones that go back, you relive those hours over and over again...and then on the way home it's just the opposite...let me tell ya, jet lag is takes a few days to get with Hawaii's schedule, then bout the time you get with it, it's time to come home and reverse what you just worked hard to achieve!...Our first few mornings over there, I was awake at like 2-3 am Hawaii time...but my body was still on Bama time which would have been 7-8am...but being up that early allowed me to witness some of the most amazing sunrises I have ever been priveleged to see. The Sun coming up across the ocean is unbelievably beautiful, and I can't wait to share them with Tony....He wasn't with me last time...and i've told him he has to see at least one with And then at night, the sight of the moon shining out on the ocean is so stunning! Hawaii is a beautiful place and i'm so excited to be sharing it with my whole family!...i'm Ready To Go!!

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