Thursday, August 5, 2010

They're Here!

Well, Libby's puppies finally arrived last night...right on schedule. They were due today. Last night around 9:30pm is when everything started, but she didn't have her first pup until 4am! She had 3 by 5:00am, then everything came to a complete stop for a couple of hours..I was beginning to get a little concerned...Sis Carol was up with me, this is her business too..and I told her if I had to be up she did 2 1/2 hours after #3, she had puppy #4..then 2 hours later she has the last one. There were 5 altogether...4 boys and 1 girl. They have the prettiest markings..We litter named them as they were born, and since I am such a Disney fan, we named them after the characters..Prince Charming, Mickey, Goofy, Cinderella and Pluto. We were hoping to get at least 1 more girl so we could have a Minnie, but it just wasn't to be. Of course they will get new names when they go to their forever home. It was after 12 noon today by the time I got everything back in order, and Libby and the gang are resting comfortably in the swimming pool...Erica's dog, Jax, is the daddy, and she has been calling and checking on the status of her "grandpuppies"...they left going to the Smokies last night and had to miss the big event. Next time you see or talk to Todd, congratulate him on the arrival of his "granddogs"...hee hee...bye for now!


  1.!!! We need pictures!! What breed are they?

  2. I'm not too good at posting pic's...maybe I can try later on...they are Miniature Schnauzers this time. I have 2 litters of Yorkies due the end of this month...they should be tiny!

  3. Ok...I've somehow just found your blog and this post is PERFECT! Because you know I love to raz Todd about something!!! LOL!!!