Saturday, October 23, 2010

God is Still Good!

I liked the title of my last post so well, and it is still so true, that I decided I would use it in this post as well..He is so good to me and I feel so truly blessed by Him. He has been everything i've ever needed Him to be. A friend, confidante, financial advisor, financial provider, healer, comforter...He is everything!
I see His plan in my life every day..when I wake up, it's because He let me. When I go about my day, from one place to another and back's because He kept me safe. When I face life's trials, disappointments and sorrows, He is always there with the right remedy. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that someone as big as him, would know every little detail of every human being. I find it so hard to think that He knows every second of every minute in the day and what it will hold, and He walks ahead of me to prepare the way. What is even more amazing is that He knows this for every single person. I think of all the things that He has made right in my life, and I think, how in the world can I ever repay Him? I know it's said that all He wants is our praise, but that seems too easy. Well, sometimes it's hard to do that, but not because I don't think He's worthy. Just that I feel so inadequate, and what I have to offer in the way of praise is so small. But I believe that every single sacrifice, each and every testimony counts. I've been testifiying and have had my mind go completely blank. I might recover in a second or two, but by then i'm ready to sit back'm thinking.."what in the world just happened"...ha...but, He knew. And i've thought, "boy, that was so pathetic", there is no way that that offer made it on the books, but it did. Each and every one does.
When I think of the things He has been so good to me about, I have to mention our little Crimsyn. This lil booger is growing so much! He laughed out loud at church with me Thurs night..that was music to my ears..I've wanted my grandbabies to stay newborny for as long as they would, but time doesn't stand still..and when they just had to pass that stage, I always looked forward to the time when they would start laughing out loud..Crystal had been telling me he had started laughing, but Granny wanted him to laugh for her...and he decided he would oblige me Thursday night while Br Shirley was preaching..he had just had a good nap, and had finished his bottle and he was ready for Granny! was like all I had to do was look at him and he would laugh!...that made my heart so happy! To think that things could have been so different if the Lord hadn't answered our prayers...Like I said...God is good...He will always be good! Thank you Lord...I love you.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

God is so good

Wow...this journey the kids are on seems neverending...As most of you have probably heard by now, Crimsyn is in the hospital with Spinal Meningitis. And although I wonder when is their life gonna get back to normal, I am not ignorant enough to ask what else could go wrong. This could have turned out so much worse than it is and I am thankful things went the way they did. Had this baby still been in Hawaii and this happened to him, well...I don't want to think about it...Not knowing what situation the birthmother is in right now...we have to think that Crimsyn would probably not have received the care he needs...not that she wouldn't have provided it...but because she couldn't have...It was heartbreaking when I got to the hospital today and he was laying on the pillow in Crystal's lap, crying and moaning because he was in pain...he couldn't stand for Crystal to move him, it made him cry out worse...but our God is an awesome God...He had one of His children lay hands on him (and Crystal)...and within minutes, Crimsyn had ate a full 4 oz of milk and was just laying there smiling at me and Crystal! He appeared to be in no pain...just contented to lay there looking at us...he would turn his head toward my voice when I spoke to him, and turn his head and follow me when I was nothing short of a miracle!....he laid like that for probably close to 2 hours...Crystal said he wasn't feeling as well this evening, but he has had a rough 2 days and was probably tired...they are very optomistic about his recovery, but he still has a ways to go before we can get the all clear and we know the extent of things....Crystal looked at me and asked me "what if he was still over there"....thank the good Lord, we don't have to worry about that anymore.

Friday, October 1, 2010

This is one boring Friday night...

Ok, it's Friday night. I'm bored. Stuffed full of CrackerBarrell and ready for bed, yet i'm not willing to call it a night. Got a lot of things on my mind and I can't seem to turn it off. I thought about sleeping with the windows open tonight...I love the fall and late Spring season cause I can do that...Tony doesn't like it much, but as long as he doesn't have that sticky feeling from the humidity he usually gives I was hoping one or some, of my grandkids could spend the night with least the evening, but they all had previous that left Pappy and me to fend for ourselves. So I washed some clothes. Easy and boring enough. Tony decided to go fishing, but came home in just a little bit...said it was too windy, and, he sheepishly tells me, he forgot to put the plug back in the whatever it's called and the boat began to fill with water and the motor that pumps the water out of the whatever it's called came on. He didn't know what was going on at first, then he remembered that he forgot to plug it back up. So he hurriedly takes the boat out of the water, puts the plug back in and comes home. That was the extent of our excitement and even then, I didn't get to be there and him telling me the story wasn't quite as exciting as if I had actually been in the sinking boat with him. I am sure I would have panicked and cause an even bigger commotion than he already had going on all by himself. But I got tickled at him..instead of telling me, or I should say admitting to me, that he forgot to plug the whatever it's called back up and that he had to take the boat out of the water to fix it, so he just came on home..he just said it was too windy to fish..hee hee. Actually, it was too windy to be out there, and I was kinda surprised he went to start with. We decided to head on up to CB for a late dinner..beans, cornbread and carrot was all good...Now i'm here, right back where I's still Friday night and i'm still wishing I could have seen the kids, and bored I thought I would blog a boring story to go along with my nearly perfect, boring night...Tony ruined my chances of a completely boring night, with his boating episode..and I didn't even get to be part of it....oh well....maybe next Friday night he won't mess it up and I can boast of our boringness! that a word??...ugh.