Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get the Fire Extinguisher Ready!

Well, it's almost time to get all the fire safety equipment out of birthday is just a few days away and it's a sight to behold to see all those candles lit up..a fire hazard too...LOL!..there will be 54 of them this time...we barely kept it under control last year...ha ha..just kiddin'...but my birthday is Aug. just a few days..I don't like getting older, but it beats the other option I pick getting older..I was hoping to be able to spend it in Hawaii, getting a new grandson, but I don't think we're gonna make it...and our anniversary is Aug would be nice to spend it there too, but we haven't been given any news about the baby, so i'm not counting on it now....maybe he will be born on my birthday or our anniversary! That would be a great gift!...they still haven't picked out his name, as far as I know...Tony has his fingers crossed that they give him his middle will be exciting to be in Hawaii again...but I hope I feel better than the last time I went...last time I went without Tony, and I was miserable without him...seriously. I would stand on the beach at night and cry for him...I had been apart from him before, but something about us being so FAR many far we had crossed like 4-5 time zones...I couldn't stand it...the only time I could be happy was when I was with Slick, Crystal and Carter.....and although Hawaii is beautiful, and the ocean was right out my window, I was ready to go home. I left there with the unforgettable memory of when and how we got Carter..I relive that memory was sad and happy all mixed up together..I never think about it without crying a little..tears for his birthmother...tears for my children and how happy they finally were...I can still see the look on Michael's face when Crystal asked him did he want to hold his son for the first time...and I can also see Michael, carrying Carter, walk up to Tony as we got off the plane in Nashville, hand him the baby and said.."Here's your grandson"...everyone was crying happy tears!....I'm excited about going, ready to make new memories, get a new grandson, and Tony will be there with me, that will make all the difference for me.............

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And We're Off!

Well, revival started Sunday! Wow!!... that's the word that first comes to mind. I was amazed at how many people turned out for our Homecoming service...someone stopped counting at 450...we were so thrilled..honestly....and we were so thankful for the help that we got from the sisters from Trenton and Higdon. Trenton did all of our desserts and a lot of Higdon sisters helped with the dinner...we needed every single dish that was brought and we truly appreciated it. No one has made it so far, but we are definately expecting someone doubt. I hope Br Jimmy and Br Edwin have a good week...I know they and their wives are probably VERY tired, they have been in revival for weeks now...
And then our baby news.....the kids told us the baby would be coming early! YAY!! long as he's healthy of course....we are trying to decide whether we should go or not...not that we don't want to...(a brand new grandbaby and a trip to Hawaii..come that plane ride there (and back) gruesome. Not for the faint of're gonna wait on more details before we will be close to our 37th anniversary, so we're taking that into consideration as would be a great way to celebrate that!...I just really wish I was in better health...and Tony has a few health issues that we have to consider as well...but whether we go or not..we are so happy to be getting another grandchild..Tony and I thought that we had all we would get after the kids got Caden...we were so happy when Slick told us about Resiana...but then a few minutes later he told us about the baby and we've been talking about how many grandkids we would soon have...we've nearly doubled the amount! said he had the thought that they might would name this one after him...he figures it's the last shot of it happening that he has....Tony and Michael's name is both "Anthony"..he said if they named this one Anthony, he would be 3rd generation...i'm like yeah.... "Anthony Anderson doesn't sound bad" to go along with him)....I told him they were considering Anderson Blaine...Blaine is Tony's middle name...and he was happy with that too...but if they don't..we'll still be happy...we just want him to be healthy and hurry and get will be so much fun having a newborn in the family again!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank You Lord!

Well, it seems that all i'm gonna be blogging about this summer is sickness. After my spell with that sinus junk, I awoke this past Thursday morning to tummy troubles. I tried to push on...we were supposed to go camping Fri nite, so I had a lot to do with all the bookwork I take care of...but by the end of the day, I was wiped out. I wasn't able to go to church, I had only eaten a biscuit all day long, and maybe a handful of cherries...and with the rumbly in my tumbly doing everything it could to get rid of any substance in that tad of food...well, I just didn't have the strength by the the end of the day...and then, after Tony left for church, I started feeling like I was spinning round, and going to pass out...I called the church for him to come home. He wasn't there too long and I was still getting worse, so he called the church back and asked for some to come pray for just a lil bit the house was filled...I had gotten in the floor (got sick and just went to my knees) and laid my head over on the couch..they started praying, and I would get better for a few minutes, but then that wave of nausea and the spinning room syndrome came right back...they prayed 4 times...the last time tho...someone laid hands on me and annointed me, I didn't know I had been annointed at the time...and it felt like someone just laid a blanket over me and I went to sleep!, mind you, I didn't realize I had fully gone to know how it is when you're sleepy and your head kinda bobs, and it snaps you awake? and you look around to see if anyone saw, that's exactly what I felt like I I had just nodded off and caught myself....but they said I had slept for several minutes, and was even lightly snoring! All I know is when I woke up, all that sick stuff was gone..Tony had annointed Br Duane Sanders, who has been very sick with breathing and throat problems, and he said he was healed and shouted all over the place...(all this while I was asleep)...I never knew it happened. When I woke up and said I was well, Sis Janice Sanders said "Thank the Lord" and she took off said it reminded her of the time Br Duane broke his back and the Lord put him to sleep and he quit suffering...they said several others really felt good...I missed it all...I got up, went to bed and slept so good..I was able to go to the campground by Fri night...I had to eat a little thru the day to get my strength back...My tummy is still having a few issues getting back to normal, but the nausea and dizziness have not returned..It is amazing how the Lord works...I found out later that there were some new Children of God, they've only had the Holyghost a couple of months....they weren't raised Holiness, and had never been called to a house to pray for someone sick and they were amazed at how it all worked out...I'm glad that I got to be a part of that...well...someone had to be the sick guy!...LOL.....