Friday, August 27, 2010

He's On His Way!

Slick and Crystal just got back from taking the birthmother for her Dr visit today. Her sugar is unstable, which isn't good for her or the baby, so they have made the decision to induce labor tonight at 7pm Hawaii time, which is midnight Ala time. Tomorrow (28th) is Slick's birthday, so if he takes long enough to get here, he will share his Daddy's b-day...which causes me to go back 36 yrs ago tonight...I was in the hospital in the most agonizing pain I had ever experienced.there were no epidurals back then...just to get this lil bald headed, squalling young'un we came to call Anthony Michael ...aka Slick...28 hrs it took to get him here..(did I mention no pain relief available back he was worth every minute of it...we love you Slicky, and hope only the best for you and Crystal tonight as we wait on the newest member of our family to arrive!

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  1. Tomorrow (or rather today now)is even MORE important because it's MY birthday too!!! I'm 28 :)