Thursday, August 26, 2010

Patiently waiting.....

Well it's the beginning of day three here, and i'm the only one up right now. Still kinda mixed up on my hours, but the others seem to have it down pat. I'm sunburned pretty bad on my face and neck and it kinda kept me awake last night, as did the million thoughts that were running thru my here I am, up, and wondering what today will hold. I hope we get news that our baby is on its way...there are several family members here, and I know they will be disappointed if they have to return home and miss his birth...but they are having a great time waiting! I am going to look into some Luau's..we all want to go to one. I would love to do some more sight seeing...island hop to the island that Carter is from...there is just so much to do. It's kinda hard to plan anything too far ahead tho because you never know when the baby will decide to come...I've done real good with my knees the past 2 days..i've done a lot of walking. Been in some unreal pain by the end of the day, but i'm trying to keep up. We went to Pearl Harbor yesterday so Kristen could get a school report in. She has to do 2 reports for missing school. It was a sombering experience..we went to the Arizona Memorial where there are still something like 1177 men still entombed in the ship..this memorial was actually built over the could see it..and could still see oil on the water where the ship is still leaking..and could still smell a burned smell from where the ship was in flames....just knowing those men were still below brought a sombering feeling to you....we then headed down to Honolulu and Waikiki...shopped at the International MarketPlace, drove on up to the ritzy side of the island where the big shots live...saw signs on the road that asked people not to disturb the owners...made you wonder if maybe that was where some Hollywood stars lived..they were gated and secluded...went to Diamond Head saw the crater there...we made a full day of it...I think i'm ready to spend the day at the ocean...with sunscreen this

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  1. Thinking of you all today! Hopefully you will hear something soon about the new little guy! Glad you all are having fun, though!