Monday, August 16, 2010

10" Nails...

Well ya'll...ole Slicky is wanting me to give the scoop on Erica and her nails....10" nails according to him...and I guess I could see where they'd appear to be that long considering he was only about 6-7 yrs old or something like that...those were her weapons to fight him with...he would pester the fire outta her (course his story is gonna be different) and she'd respond by chasing him down the hall, her claws bared, and if she got to him before I got to her, she'd let him have it with em' mind you, her nails were her pride and joy...she loved her fingernails...probably cause she was the only one in our family that had any that were of any she felt kinda superior...LOL...JK Erica, don't go ballistic on me...but once she learned that holding her hand up in a "tiger strike" like fashion caused Slick to go running off hollering for Mama.."Mama, Sissy is after me with her nails"....there was no stopping her...if she caught him, which was most of the time, she'd scratch a plug outta him...I would punish her by cutting her mind you, when I would do this it would cause her much grief and despair and she would just cry and cry...and scream bloody murder the whole time I was clipping would think she'd learn not to do it again, but, somehow Slick would manage to push her beyond the realms of reason and here she'd go down the hall, claws outstretched, to go after didn't matter if she was justified or not tho..I usually clipped them off....(the times I knew about it anyways)..and I wouldn't doubt it, if he'd admit it, that he carried on once or twice just to get her in trouble so I would clip them...didn't you Slick...yeah, thought so....
Hey Slick, wonder if they'd be interested in hearing about you and your little dance in the hallway???? HA HA HA HA....


  1. As long as we stick to Erica stories here we will be ok, and yes I did know if I carried on enuf that youwould clip off her pride and joy. Thats some of the reason I have my nickname.
    P.S. Tell them about her jumping in the pool..hahaha

  2. Uh...I only think it fair that I share stories...everyone hears the stories about us during your sermons...i'm sure they'd enjoy some of the stuff WE could tell! Bahahahaha.....I will consider sparing you tho...

  3. No sparing! LOL - we need to hear these stories!

  4. Yes we do need these stories!!! Sweet, quiet little Erica SURELY wasn't like that!!