Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gonna Be Granny Again!

As most of you probably know by now, we're just days away from heading off to beautiful Hawaii to get the newest addition to the Clark family...I wish I could tell you what his name is gonna be, but as of today, i'm still not sure. Sad that I don't know huh....but I keep asking Slick and he keeps saying he doesn't know....I am thinking it will be Anderson, but we'll see. I am just excited to have another baby in the's been 5 yrs since we've had a baby to enjoy...and this will probably be our last, unless someone else calls them up with a child needing a home...they probably wouldn't be able to tell them
Our role as grandparents in the adoption process is just amazing. When we got our grandchildren, from Kristen to Resiana, I can distinctly remember having the thought "You are their Grandmother"....And at that instant, this great love for them found a permanent place in my heart...and when I say permanent, I really mean that...I still hang a stocking on my Christmas tree for Ryan..the little boy that Slick and Crystal got to keep for a couple of weeks before being taken back. And altho it's much easier to handle now, I could cry for him today if i'd let just don't forget loving someone that much just because you can't be with just don't turn that off. I think of him often this time of year because it's close to when we got him, I still have a pic of him in his Halloween outfit sitting out on my mantle all the time...
We're now all caught up in the anticipation of this baby's birth, and let me stop and add here that with Slick and Crystal's kids we're only talking a few Caden's case it was less than 2 weeks I think...not much more than that if any for Carter and Resiana will be our 3rd from 2nd trip over there...wondering what he's gonna look like, praying he's gonna be healthy, and trying to imagine what kind personality he will be bringing to the far we have a talker, a genius, a comedian, and a humble one...what will this one be like?? Will he be tall and skinny or short and fat?? really doesn't matter...we'll take him any way he comes to us...just like we did the other grandkids...we're just happy to be getting another addition to our little gang...
We are one excited, thrilled, blessed, scared (of the long flight), sick (Kristen), nervous and soon to be bigger, Hawaii bound family!


  1. sweet! I wish I could be there the first time you all get to hold him! Have fun, we'll keep you in our prayers!

  2. This is off subject - but I just wanted to tell you! Practicing for yet another funeral this afternoon - "Ready to Go". What an amazing song - both lyrics and music - God gave you. :-) Thanks for delivering it to all of us.

    Have a wonderful, safe trip!

  3. Joyce - just an update - Ready to Go was just as spiritual at this funeral today. . . makes you almost want to shout because another soldier made it on home. :-) What an beautiful thought that He sent something that has encouraged all of us so much through you. :-)

  4. Wow Sherrill, I don't know what to say to that...except thank you again...I never think about the song until it's sung or someone says something..i'm glad it has helped others.