Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just another Saturday....

Well, it's Saturday afternoon. I've made 2 desserts for Donna, and gonna make 2 for me to put in the freezer. Skyline's revival starts tomorrow and I always try to help her and Tamara with their desserts. They return the favor when it's my revival...every little bit helps. I went early today to Wal-Mart to get the stuff I's so HOT outside..I know it's just normal June weather, but I guess old age is catching up with me cause I just can't handle it like I used to. I always look forward to our revival..I usually cook up a storm of stuff, have company nearly every day...and by the end of the week, i'm just too pooped to I went to Trenton this past week several times and during dinner one day, I was sitting, talking with another older sister about how it used to be during revival...we only took out dinner on Homecoming day, ate it outside in the heat, with the we cooked the rest of the week, it was of our own accord and we just took people home with us. I don't remember exactly when all that started changing, but hey, it's what we do now, so I just go with it. I guess as long as people are receiving the Holyghost, then we're doing ok. I really enjoyed going to Trenton last week. The people there treated me good, the food was good, and services were good. I know Slick and Crystal are wore out, as is the Trenton congregation, i'm sure. I meant to keep the boys some this week, but, I went to church as what time I didn't go to church, I went to it didn't leave much opportunity for them to stay with me...I can't help but want to go where he's helping at during revival...but he probably doesn't even notice if i'm there or Kristen went with me a couple of days...she loves going around to different places. I'm glad she has an interest in going to church, and I hope that doesn't change.
Uncle Carl and Aunt Ruby went to church with me and Tony on Wed night. I really didn't have any expectations, but I had never been in church with any of Daddy's people...ever. They are of the Baptist faith, and we've never gone. I have always wanted to be in church with U Carl..I had even thought about going to his church, but didn't know where it was, or what he would think...he came by the shop the other day and was asking about everyone, and I told him about Slick helping in a revival close by..he lives in Bryant. I asked him would he like to go to a service with me and "see him in action"..haha....and he said yes! So we picked him and A Ruby up. They knew several people there. They also know a lot of people that go to Higdon church as well and some of them were there too. Slick talked to the lost and told the Plan of Salvation. That was what I wanted them to hear. At least one time, I wanted them to hear the real and true, way to Heaven. The Lord even allowed Slick to lay hands on U Carl. Afterwards, U Carl told Slick that he wanted to ask him some questions....I can only hope that he is interested in learning more...but if that isn't it...then I want the Lord to know i'm thankful that they were given the opportunity to hear the Word.
Well i'll go for now...gonna go make those 2 desserts...see ya!

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