Monday, June 21, 2010

Checkin' In....

I'm just checking in today to give some bored, out of their gourd soul, something to A lot has happened since my last post...a revival at Nila, which was very good, Father's Day, which was sad to me..and yet another set back with this sinus junk. My heart went out to Rhonda Brown this week-end due to the passing of her father, Br James Cain. She celebrated Father's Day with him, lying in state, at the that is sad. But I know she has that great hope of being with him again someday and that is priceless. I loved my Daddy...He was a hard worker and provider, who loved his family, baseball and fishing/hunting...He was hard on me when I was younger..but it only made me stronger. And it made me the tough skinned gal I am today. Well...I guess i'm not so tough skinned anymore...but I used to be. Nowadays it doesn't take much to reduce me to a blubbering, snotty mess...I think that happens to all women as they get older...and I can't stand that. I don't like letting things bother me...I like peace. I like to lay my head down on my pillow and not struggle with the days events..not worry about something i've said or done...what needs to be done or not done...but in the end, it's ok. It doesn't matter anyway...whatever makes for peace is what I want. I would love to be a peacemaker. The Bible says peacemakers shall be called the "children of God"...sometimes wanting our way will cause a person to sway from being a I want to be careful. I sure don't want to be a hinderance...but I don't know anyone who does..haha.
It sure has been hot here...I feel sorry for the boys that have to work our shop. We try to keep them supplied with Gatorade, HUGE fans, and even popsicles, but I know they have to be miserable out there working. Last year, when all those storms came thru, they worked 60 hr weeks in that heat, just to get all the orders out...we could not have done it without them...(we rewarded them with a trip to year there has been no severe storms to overload us, but they still have the has to take it's toll on them...and then they freeze in the winter months...if I keep on i'll feel bad enough to give them a i'll end this blog right here!...HA HA ....Just kidding guys..... lol


  1. I enjoy your posts. Just when I start wanting my way on some things...LOL. Thanks for the reminder. I want to be a peacemaker too! Hopefully the Lord will supply a good breeze every now and then. I know I stop to praise Him for the breeze when I'm out gardening or doing yard work, it feels so wonderfully and refreshing!

    You never did tell me how I could get you to take ME to Disney, LOL

  2. I'm never bored (never get to slow down that much!), didn't think I was out of my gourd (but that might be debatable!) - and wasn't look for something to do (there's always more than I can get done) but I like to read your blog!!!! :-) The good Lord has brought us a long, long way to where we are now. . .some hard, sad, trying roads - but full of reminders of how much He loved us all through those trying times. And so many blessings! SO MANY BLESSINGS!! So thankful to be His child - thankful for you, my sister in Him, and His faithfulness to us. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!