Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Kristen!

I was so consumed with my pain and difficulty in functioning that I forgot to mention that today is my beautiful granddaughter, Kristen, birthday! She turned 12 today...I can't believe it's already been that long since she came into our lives and changed them forever! She is a great kid, always trying to get a laugh, very protective of her friends and family, and a wonderful little Child of God..I will never forget the day she was born...Erica called me around 7:30 that morning, I went straight out there and was with her all day long...we went to the hospital around 10pm i'm thinking...and she was born around 3:45am. We couldn't believe that we got a girl! We did'nt know what we were we were all anxiously awaiting to hear...she's been such a blessing to us ever since...I know Br Ray and Sis Joyce...PawPaw and Grandmaw, are just as proud of her as we are...
And Tuesday was her spiritual birthday...1 yr old! I began praying for the Lord to give her the Holyghost when it was time about a year before He did..I knew He would know when she was ready...when someone called us from the church that night (Flat Rock) and said she was praying in the altar and Erica said to call us...I just knew she would recieve prayer going out there was for the Lord to allow me to make it in time...Tony had just walked in the door from work and was dirty and didn't feel like he could go anywhere like he was, so I ran out the door and made it from the house to the church in 12 minutes..I was driving like 80...when I walked in the door, they told her " look who has come to see you make it..(or something like that)....she started back praying and I think in less than 1 minute she was speaking in tongues with the prettiest witness you ever did see! She is making the Lord a good little soldier, trying to be careful what she says...and trying to obey the Lord when He tells her to do something during and Pappy are very proud of her!

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  1. She really is a sweet Child of God, and a very sweet girl too! She always brings such a good feeling and she is a good worker at church! You *should* be very proud of her!