Sunday, May 30, 2010

One long busy day today....

Well, i'm home from church now...spent a long but enjoying day with the folks at Trenton where Slick started revival today. We had a good turn out from Stevenson, and I was glad..some of us went to Ryan and Cherie's between services, then church was fantastic tonight...and we ate afterwards and now i'm home. I had some work to do in my kitchen before I called it a night...some clean up from this morn, and a little to do for tomorrow. If the weather holds out, the Gray family will be here to celebrate Memorial Day. It's also Tony's birthday. He will be 55....speaking of birthdays...
Today was my spiritual birthday. 42 years ago, the Lord gave an 11 yr old girl her chance to go to Heaven. I've seen some changes...made by man...but the Lord has remained the same. Always faithful, loving, merciful and true to His word. He has never let me down. Might not always had things to go the way I wanted them, but when I earnestly sought things to be the way the Lord wanted it to go, it was always for the best. Had some happy days along the way..had some heartache...but praise the Lord, i'm still a Child of God. I had a rough go of it growing up, and I think it toughened me some..but i'm thankful for those trials now..they are my testimonies...i'm thankful for every chastisement, because of it, I realize that I am still one of His
But anyways, Thank You Lord, for keeping my soul all these years...
I hope that Trenton and all the other churches that are running revival this week, have a fruitful and prosperous one. I hope that Children of God get help and a little encouragement to hang in there...and that the precious Word of God has free course...take care ya'll...and have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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  1. That's so good! In a couple of weeks it will be 11 years that I've had the Holy Ghost, and I'm so thankful!

    We went to Winchester today and it was good too!