Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling Better..for real this time.

I am feeling much better again...this time I waited a couple of days before I said so..lol...didn't want to jinx myself like I did last time. So glad that has passed, and feel sorry for those suffering with it now. It seems like there a lot of people dealing with sinus issues and the heat only seems to magnify the yuck...
Revival at Nila is going so good..I haven't heard from services today (Tues), but Sun and Mon were very good...there have been a couple of new ones start to the altar..sure hope they make it. There were several sisters and their kids from Skyline that came down to swim today...they brought picnic food and it seemed they had a lot of fun...we're glad that people enjoy the pool, it gives them a place to take their kids without costing a arm and leg...just bring your own stuff...whatever that may be...and have a ball! Kristen and Carter always have a summer pool party, but i'm thinking that this year they might have to have separate parties. Kristen says her party will be themed Team Edward/Team Jacob...Carter is thinking his will be an Alabama pool party...they have it sometime in the midst of all the revivals going on and before school gets back in...its a little work, but they always have a ton of fun...and that's what it's all about to me. Caden and Resiana will start having their's in a few years...bout the time Kristen and Carter think they're too old for it..lol....well...gonna get off here and do some sewing...going to church at Nila again tonight and going home with Carissa....can't wait!

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  1. Hope you guys have a good service!

    That's great that you "share" your pool! We go to my grandparents' house or to Granny Lois's pool, and I like to take friends too, so I don't know that the kiddos will ever "grow out of it" LOL