Monday, June 7, 2010

And we're off..

Well..i'm off to a yucky start this week already. Tony has had some sinus crud going on for the past 3-4 days and he has successfully passed it on to me. I started feeling bad at church last night, started with a tickle in my throat after I got home, and awoke this morning to a full fledge sinus episode. You know, the kind where you have a hacky cough, eyes watering kinda mess. I was so hoping to get a lot accomplished this week..but I haven't given in to it yet. Actually, I got a lot done today. Br Duane is finishing our new deck..I have had an addition to the house built on and added a utility room, 2 walk in closets, a sunroom and a service bathroom for the pool. He got the bathroom done, my utility room is now functional altho not completely finished. He has to move my cabinets from my old utility room into the new...I did several loads of laundry, made 6 Caramel Pies, 1 Oreo Delight and 2 Cream Cheese pies and put them in the freezer to have on hand and for revival next the day hasn't been a total loss. But as the evening nears, I am feeling worse...that's the way it goes isn't it. My kids were always sicker when evening and night came...guess it holds true for adults too. Tony wasn't feeling much better this morn, but paid a visit to his Dr and got something to help him...a few hours later he is saying he is already feeling some better...he could have kept this junk to himself...but
I am planning on going to Skyline tomorrow. I am helping Donna do her desserts. I am making a huge fruit bowl for her. It will have 2 watermelons, 4 cantaloupes, 4 lbs green grapes, and 7 quarts of strawberries in it. I layer the fruit and it is very pretty..I always make it for her and sometimes for Erica's revival cook day. It is usually a huge hit. I sure hope I feel better..I may just have to take it to her and leave if i'm not better...i'm one of those "if you have it, keep it" kinda people...aint too keen on passing contagious stuff around. I have chronic Bronchitis, and breathing problems as it is. I have to keep an inhaler with me, so I don't want anything if I can help it. I wish everyone would just stay to themselves if they know something they have is contagious. I think it's good manners for one thing. And courteous. We have several people other than myself that have breathing issues at Stevenson. Br Jim Warren, Sis Carol Sanders, Sis Della Peacock all have severe breathing problems. And about 5 kids have Asthma down here. So I think you are doing them a great DIS-service to come around them KNOWING you have a contagious illness. If you don't know, that's one thing...this is one of my biggest pet peeves, (if we're allowed to have Don't take a puking kid to church. Or to town shopping...anywhere for that matter...would you appreciate it if someone drug you all over the place and you felt that bad? Naw...some probably wouldn't even get out of bed much less go shopping, but yet there are some out there that do that to their poor little kids...shame on them. Br Charley used to preach on that... he'd say a good mother would rest her sick children and take care of them, not dress them up and drag them all over town or wherever and them so sick they can't hardly walk....ok gotta get off my
Well, I hope the Lord continues to bless the revivals going on...maybe i'll see you somewhere!

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon! I hate the sinus junk! I am the same way, I keep an inhaler on me too, and I've had to use it a couple of times this week, so it stinks!

    And I agree on the sick kiddos bit! Poor babies! My kids have gotten sick on me IN town before, but we hightailed it back home to get a bath and in jammies to watch tv and rest it out!