Thursday, June 24, 2010

Helloooo out there...

Hi's things going with you today? Me? Oh, i'm still fighting this sinus crud..actually sitting here with kleenex stuck up both nostrils trying to catch it...(cool mental picture huh? hee hee....)...seriously tho, I just can't seem to get rid of this stuff...ugh. I was gonna go back to the Dr this week, but kept telling myself that I was better, you feel better, you're almost well, but i'm if i'm not better by Monday, i'm gonna go throat is sore from all this drainage that I have officially grossed you out..i'll change the subject..ha ha!
I hope everyone had a good week...we stayed at the campground most of the week. We came home tonight to go to church. Tony wasn't able to go...he had tummy issues..(he'd prolly be thrilled to know I told ya'll that...( think he ate too many Pinto's last night...I cooked a huge pot of Pinto's, grilled pork chops, fried some taters, made some cornbread fritters, corn on the cob, onion and peach cobbler for dessert! That's some fine eatin'..especially outdoors around a campfire....well, actually the campfire wasn't too, who needed a campfire in this 100 degree weather? But they wanted to roast we had a campfire...i'm me the marshmallow..i'll stick it to my forehead, let me know when it is melted enough for ya...I was sweatin' like crazy, pert near to suffocating and everyone else is wanting to stand by the fire and roast marshmallows...good grief people....but once my body realized that it was either adapt to the heat or croak, I was able to reach a tolerable temperature, somewhere between hotter n' firecracker and toasty as a marshmallow...ha ha...I wanted to be inside the RV....and be cooler n' cucumber but nooooo....that would not be sociable, so I endured it...I think I sweated off a pound or two, so it was not all in vain...I love staying at the RV...Tony lets me turn down the AC way your breath low...and you talk about, I can sleep like a log...I just have to get used to the rhythmic shaking that happens to be Tony over there shivering like crazy under a sheet, 2 blankets and the bedspread...he usually stops shivering after bout an hour or so...that's bout how long it takes him to get frozen good thru and thru...he kinda just stiffens up over there, and the shaking stops!...he's a good ole fella, he knows I can't sleep good at night nowadays...and he knows a cold room helps me, so he takes the cold so I can sleep...course it takes a lil while for him to thaw out in the mornings...most mornings i'm up before he is and i'll go turn up the thermostat to start the thawing process...bless his heart...
Our revival starts in 2 weeks...i'm very excited about it and looking forward to seems like it has been a summer of miracles...and i'm anxious to see what's in store for us...I hope I can be a help during the revival..I can't stand for long anymore, and I sure nuf' can't get on my knees anymore, (there are no cranes at church to help me get up) I don't feel like I am much help in that area, but I sure wish I could be...sometimes the girls will get me a chair or the piano bench so I can sit and be close...but sometimes it embarrasses the hound outta I just don''s not too bad if it's just homefolk, but I prolly wouldn't do it during's bad when you want to, but aren't able..I will just try to focus on the things I can do!
I'm also looking forward to 4th of family always comes down and we spend the day outdoors around the pool...eating, splashing, eating, dunking, eating, diving, eating some more and then fireworks!!! We love fireworks, and usually have a huge display...we all pitch in and buy them and most time have like $750 -$ 1000 in them before it's all said and done...we've had traffic pull over and watch em...a lot of our church family will gather at our house at dusk to watch them with us...ya'll are welcome to come too!...I sure hope it doesn't rain...
Well....I think it's time for me to hit the sack...can't hardly keep my eyes open now so i'll call it a to you all!!!

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon! I hate the sinus crud! I usually chicken in on a Friday and go to the clinic, I know I usually would be worse on the weekened, and would have wished by Monday that I had went on Friday, LOL.