Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank You Lord!

Well, it seems that all i'm gonna be blogging about this summer is sickness. After my spell with that sinus junk, I awoke this past Thursday morning to tummy troubles. I tried to push on...we were supposed to go camping Fri nite, so I had a lot to do with all the bookwork I take care of...but by the end of the day, I was wiped out. I wasn't able to go to church, I had only eaten a biscuit all day long, and maybe a handful of cherries...and with the rumbly in my tumbly doing everything it could to get rid of any substance in that tad of food...well, I just didn't have the strength by the the end of the day...and then, after Tony left for church, I started feeling like I was spinning round, and going to pass out...I called the church for him to come home. He wasn't there too long and I was still getting worse, so he called the church back and asked for some to come pray for just a lil bit the house was filled...I had gotten in the floor (got sick and just went to my knees) and laid my head over on the couch..they started praying, and I would get better for a few minutes, but then that wave of nausea and the spinning room syndrome came right back...they prayed 4 times...the last time tho...someone laid hands on me and annointed me, I didn't know I had been annointed at the time...and it felt like someone just laid a blanket over me and I went to sleep!, mind you, I didn't realize I had fully gone to know how it is when you're sleepy and your head kinda bobs, and it snaps you awake? and you look around to see if anyone saw, that's exactly what I felt like I I had just nodded off and caught myself....but they said I had slept for several minutes, and was even lightly snoring! All I know is when I woke up, all that sick stuff was gone..Tony had annointed Br Duane Sanders, who has been very sick with breathing and throat problems, and he said he was healed and shouted all over the place...(all this while I was asleep)...I never knew it happened. When I woke up and said I was well, Sis Janice Sanders said "Thank the Lord" and she took off said it reminded her of the time Br Duane broke his back and the Lord put him to sleep and he quit suffering...they said several others really felt good...I missed it all...I got up, went to bed and slept so good..I was able to go to the campground by Fri night...I had to eat a little thru the day to get my strength back...My tummy is still having a few issues getting back to normal, but the nausea and dizziness have not returned..It is amazing how the Lord works...I found out later that there were some new Children of God, they've only had the Holyghost a couple of months....they weren't raised Holiness, and had never been called to a house to pray for someone sick and they were amazed at how it all worked out...I'm glad that I got to be a part of that...well...someone had to be the sick guy!...LOL.....

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