Monday, September 27, 2010

My " I'm Thankful" List...

I've seen several blogs lately, listing the things they are thankful for. Being the age I am, and having the Holyghost for over 42 yrs now, there are several things that I could post. As I state in my blog's title, I wonder how much memory I have here on this computer..i'm sure if I could relive every day of my life in my mind, I would use up all of it here on this one blog alone. I know it is easy to say that you have so much to be thankful for, but until you sit down and start to name them one by one, do you really start to thinking.."wow...He really did that for me"...etc. So in keeping with the other blogs, i'll try to post some of the ones that come to mind...

I am thankful for my mother and dad. Altho times were hard at home, and some of my worst memories of life come from that point in my life, i'm still thankful I had a home. Thankful that my dad steadily worked a job and provided for our needs..thankful that mom withstood a lot of hard times and heartache to keep us all together. I love you mom and dad.

I am thankful for my religion. I thank the Lord for giving me the Holyghost. I love my religion. I can trust the people I go to church with. I can call on them in time of need and know that they will be there. I am thankful for my church family especially, I love them, and I know they love me.

I am thankful for Tony. The Lord sent him to me when I was at a crossroad in my life. I needed someone to love me, and protect me and He sent me this skinny, black haired boy from Alabama to fill that need. Together, we've weathered storms and sunshine, good times and bad, happy and sad...key word here is "together".

I am thankful for my children. No mother could be any prouder of her offspring than I am mine. I have a son, who has always been a joy..ok..well...he did go thru a spell where I wanted to wring his neck, but he wound up being one of my best friends. He pastors a church now, and his life direction has taken a serious turn, but every now and then, he's becomes my fun-loving boy from days gone by. My daughter, Erica, has done me so proud. Have you ever been to her home? Immaculate..ever hear her sing?...sounds like angels....know her as a friend?....she's faithful...I seriously don't know what I would do without her. She is such a help to me now that i'm not able to do like I once was...and like her brother, I feel she is one of my best friends...I can tell her anything...

I am thankful for our in-laws, Crystal and Todd...everyone should have a daughter in law like Crystal..she takes such good care of our son and grandchildren. She has never given us a reason to worry that our son wasn't being treated right..and she has shown us nothing but love and respect...she has such a caring nature about her and i'm proud to call her my daughter in law. We also love Todd very much. He is extremely loyal to his household..he adores our daughter and grandchild...he has worked and provided for our daughter, and we've been so thankful we haven't had to worry about that..everyone that knows Todd, loves him, and we're no exception.

I am SO thankful for our grandkids!! Woo Hoo!! Grandkids!! We wanted a bunch....and what a bunch we, Carter, Caden, Resiana and Crimsyn are our pride and joy...all of the older ones have already developed their personalities...and they are all different...and what fun they are! Baby Crimsyn is still too tiny to tell about yet, but we're sure he'll fit in somewhere between spoiled rotten and a cutie patootie...him being our last (probably) he doesn't stand a chance..he'll probably be both.

I am thankful for the way the Lord has blessed our business. He has provided for us all through our married life. I remember when Tony made $1.85 an hour...

I am thankful for the times the Lord has healed Tony and me. He healed Tony of ulcers, and me of RA..not to mention all of the other illnesses we encountered along the way..

I am thankful for the Lord's comforting hand. It's been there during some of the most heartbreaking times of my life...I felt it as I said my last goodbye's to Daddy...then again with Mom.......when we said goodbye to Tony's dad...the peace from that comfort saw us thru those dark days of sadness.

Well, as you can see, the list could go on and on...i'll stop before I bore you to death and you unfollow ya!

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