Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Storm............

I'm not even gonna half way pretend that things are ok. They aren't. Ok..well, i'll try to. I know I should. And honestly, I am doing better than I was at first.... We still don't have Crimsyn back, and it's hard to know what to do. It's not like we have any choice here, and just being the grandparents, we are hanging on to every word we hear from the kids to know if there has been any news. I hate to call all the time, i'm sure that every time Crystal or Slick have to say the words.. "No, no news yet"...or "We still don't know anything"..only serves to remind them that they don't have anything new to tell...that the situation is still just like it was the last time someone asked them....so I just hate to bring it up. But, I can't help myself...and everytime I hear from them, or see them, I have to ask....
They have "adopted" one of the songs Erica and her group has on their new CD...The Journey....there is a line in there that keeps my faith afloat...it says " the precious hand of God will lead you home.."...and I find comfort in those words...because it doesn't matter how far the journey will take him, and what circumstance he may encounter...the Lord knows just where he is...I mean, we are serving a God that is so big, He measured the waters in the hollow of His hand! Wow...just a few days ago I flew in a plane across the ocean...at around 545 mph..and it took 4 hrs! I can't wrap my mind around how much water that is...and then to think he measured it all from the hollow of His hand???? Oh my goodness... how could I doubt that He would know where one little tiny baby is...and how to bring him home...actually, I don't doubt it. I know He can...I just worry that He won't...that it's not in His will...but my mind keeps going to the dream I had while we were flying home...Crystal and I were trying to nap, we sat together on the plane coming from Honolulu to Texas...I nodded off and dreamt that all of us that had gone to Hawaii were all gathered in a circle. All of our houses were in a circle around the outside of us...there was our house, Slick and Crystal's, Erica and Todds, Brandy's, Lester and Lanita's and Dusty and Julie's...we were all standing around in this circle talking when we saw a storm coming...we all ran into our own home and took cover. I dreamed that the house shook from the strong winds, and the windows rattled, but we were inside praying for safety. After the wind had died down, we all began coming out of our homes and once again began to gather in the circle...we looked around at our houses...the roofs were destroyed, shingles were missing, the windows broke out and glass all around us, but our homes were still standing...while we were talking of how amazed we were that no one was hurt, a small Hawaiian woman approached us...holding her hand was this little black headed boy...he was walking, but he was still so little that his feet barely touched the dirt and he looked as if he were skipping as she walked hurriedly towards us...she asked us did we know who this little boy belonged to...that the storm must have separated him from his family and did we know him.....and we looked closer....it was Crimsyn!...don't ask me how we knew...he was a newborn the last time we had seen him, but we knew it was him...we were so happy! We cried, we praised the Lord, and laughed joyously that our Crimsyn was once again within the circle of his family...my thoughts are that maybe the "storm" was us having to leave him behind...and altho our houses were damaged, they still stood...their foundations strong. It would take time to repair them, but they had not been destroyed. And as I remember how our homes looked after the storm, it is hard to think of them ever being put back to the state they were once in...but then, when God has a plan, He makes no mistakes. I only hope and pray we can be strong and find moments of comfort from His Word and through the love of His children as we wait and watch as His plan unfolds.........

Our faith in, and love for our Lord has not withered or wavered. We believe that He can, and pray that He will...send Crimsyn home.


  1. And we pray with you. "The Journey" is my favorite song on the CD (and there are some great ones on there!). . .but I love the line "Be not weary on this journey" (don't we all get a little weary sometimes - I know ya'll are), but that is the last line of instruction before the promise - "Be not weary on this journey, for the precious hand of God will lead you home." Praying for rest for you all. We love you.

  2. Wow as I read about this blog the lord covered me, I felt it go all the way down to my legs, I know the lord will work it out, and as Sis Sherrill has stated "Be not weary on this journey" sometimes it isn't always easy & sometimes I am sure you feel like you can only be weary but those are the times that the Lord is there to carry you & in this trying time he not only can but he WILL carry you and in the end make it just right

  3. Well you may be going thru a storm but you still managed to encourage me - I needed that today :)