Friday, October 1, 2010

This is one boring Friday night...

Ok, it's Friday night. I'm bored. Stuffed full of CrackerBarrell and ready for bed, yet i'm not willing to call it a night. Got a lot of things on my mind and I can't seem to turn it off. I thought about sleeping with the windows open tonight...I love the fall and late Spring season cause I can do that...Tony doesn't like it much, but as long as he doesn't have that sticky feeling from the humidity he usually gives I was hoping one or some, of my grandkids could spend the night with least the evening, but they all had previous that left Pappy and me to fend for ourselves. So I washed some clothes. Easy and boring enough. Tony decided to go fishing, but came home in just a little bit...said it was too windy, and, he sheepishly tells me, he forgot to put the plug back in the whatever it's called and the boat began to fill with water and the motor that pumps the water out of the whatever it's called came on. He didn't know what was going on at first, then he remembered that he forgot to plug it back up. So he hurriedly takes the boat out of the water, puts the plug back in and comes home. That was the extent of our excitement and even then, I didn't get to be there and him telling me the story wasn't quite as exciting as if I had actually been in the sinking boat with him. I am sure I would have panicked and cause an even bigger commotion than he already had going on all by himself. But I got tickled at him..instead of telling me, or I should say admitting to me, that he forgot to plug the whatever it's called back up and that he had to take the boat out of the water to fix it, so he just came on home..he just said it was too windy to fish..hee hee. Actually, it was too windy to be out there, and I was kinda surprised he went to start with. We decided to head on up to CB for a late dinner..beans, cornbread and carrot was all good...Now i'm here, right back where I's still Friday night and i'm still wishing I could have seen the kids, and bored I thought I would blog a boring story to go along with my nearly perfect, boring night...Tony ruined my chances of a completely boring night, with his boating episode..and I didn't even get to be part of it....oh well....maybe next Friday night he won't mess it up and I can boast of our boringness! that a word??...ugh.

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  1. Speaking of sinking boats...a few years ago Clint went to look at a boat, Dustin went with him... the guy selling said they could take it to Stevenson to try it out and make sure he liked it before he decided...not knowing these 2 idiots know nothing about a boat, don't have their license...etc... :) So - they go down to the river...put her in, start going and after a bit (i'm telling my version as i was not there) start realizing that water is filling the boat...they have no idea what is wrong...and it's coming in, turns out that whatever that thing is that needs plugged wasn't plugged for them either! And it took them a while to figuer it out - long enough they almost sank the boat....Clint had just gotten a new cell phone - gone....our checkbook was in his pocket....half of it gone - luckily enough the last half, the important half I had used a pen from work that doesn't smear and disappear when it gets wet! So - the story is a lot funnier when they tell it :) Of course they won't make themselves sound like idiots like I did ;)