Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Remodeling and Tony's in a

I do not like remodeling...and neither does Tony. He can't stand it. When we got home from Florida last weekend, we opened the door to a mess. Br Duane had been working while we were gone, but didn't get finished..I wasn't expecting him to be done..but wasn't expecting the mess I had either...but it had to be...i'm putting in new flooring and all of my kitchen and dining room stuff had been moved into our den, which we have to walk thru to get to the rest of the house...and sheetrock dust was everywhere! I expanded my kitchen and a few walls had to be rebuilt..etc...anyways...immediately Tony went into a deep Did I mention he can't stand remodeling? He'll build a house in a sec...but remodel??? No, no, no....not that. So he has been very dumpy since we've been home..doesn't want to stay got up Monday morning and said he was gonna go service his truck...when he got back, of course they were not done, and Br Duane tried to get him to go service his laughed at him cause we only have so many vehicles to fix...then he went into the gameroom, shut the door, turned on his TV and decided it would be a good time to watch some of his series that he has, and his TV didn't work..don't know what happened to that while we were gone, it worked before we this morning he went fishing...and his trolling motor has tore up..hee hee...oh, i'm not laughing cause it tore up, but wonder what he's gonna do now...

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  1. LOLOL - ya'll are better than any comedy I've seen on TV in awhile!!! Just imagining. . .LOL