Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back and sound...Thank you Lord

Well, i'm back home from our latest Disney trip..tired as usual, ready to see everyone...believe it or not, I miss my family when i'm away..even tho I might not see them, just knowing they are close by gives me comfort...Donna and Chad came down on Wed..we ran into them last night at Epcot..the weather was very hot, but very little humidity so that helped tremendously..parks were a bit crowded too, but with Fast Passes we never really waited that long in the ride lines...We ate at Rainforest Cafe a couple of times, Chef Mickey's, Hollywood and Vine and Cinderella's Royal Table..and everything was excellent! We can't wait to go to Disney with Resiana..we have just got to be a part of her first time or we will just simply be devastated..LOL...
We didn't take too many trips with our kids when they were growing up. We did do Disney a few times, but only because we had a friend who lived in Florida and worked there and he got us in free..but it was only for 1 day. But back then, they didn't have Animal Kingdom..and they might not have had Hollywood Studios..I just remember taking them to the Magic Kingdom.
Money was so tight when we were raising our kids. Tony often worked 2 jobs, and I worked off and on trying to survive. I will admit that part of the reason I had to work was I wanted to live beyond our means...something I have wished a hundred million times I could do over. It would have been so much easier on Tony..but being a young wife and mother, and not having the nicest house on the block, instilled something in me to want more than I had just come out of..spending money on vacations just seemed too wasteful to me..and I wished I had THAT to do a hundred million times did do a few things with the kids, but our life mostly consisted of practice, church and singings. We drug those kids all over creation..we had a singing to do most every Fri night somewhere during the singing season..I remember, we had 11 Friday night singings in a row..and for 10 in a row we went and they served Hot Dogs...on the 11th one, we walked in the church and smelled something cooking! Yippee!! No Hot Dogs!...and it wasn't Hot was CHILI DOGS...LOL..we still laugh about that to this day...haha's almost time to get ready for church...can't wait to get there!

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