Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whew....'s 1:45 pm and i'm wore out and I don't feel like i've done anything...I hate days like today. I wake up with a mindset of "i'm gonna git er done" today..I have a long list of things that need to be done...but just don't have the get go to do it. Not today anyway. We're having some work done outside..a new deck...and my outdoor kitchen area is a mess. Suppose to be finished this weekend..but I don't see that happening, and i'm having the Gray family over for Memorial Day, which also happens to be Tony's birthday...I hope enough of it's done that I don't have to worry about the little ones. But they will prolly stay in the pool most of the time.
I went out to Hytop and helped Erica finish her garden pond, and used muscles that I forgot I had. I think that's why i'm so muscles are still screaming cause I abused Sometimes I get in that kinda mood tho...I know what needs to be done, but flip, I don't wanna do anything. Then i'll get up a few days down the road and knock myself out trying to get it all done. And I don't know what i'd do with Erica. She is my lifesaver. I have promised myself that i'm gonna slow down, and downsize some stuff around here..and what do I go do? I add 700 sq ft to the house! But, with Tony and I growing older it just seemed like a good idea to move my utility room closer to our bedroom. LOL (that's what everyone does when they get older huh?) I was hauling laundry down to the other end of the house, then back again and all the way back to iron something, then back down to the bedroom to get dressed..WHEW. My house is 92ft long so that makes for some walking..but now, the utility room is connected to our bedroom/bath and we got new closets everything is right there. Gonna use the old utility room, which is connected to the kitchen, for a walk in pantry and open it up on the wall that connects it to the kitchen....I was hoping for that all to be done by our revival, but i've given up on that. So I won't start it til after....
Slick starts revival Sunday at Trenton. He's gonna be working with Br Matt Long. He has 4 revivals plus our own to be in this summer. I plan on keeping the kids here with me some so they can have some pool days during their summer break and it won't seem like all they've done is gone to church. Good ole Granny! I expect that they (Slick and Crystal) will probably be like Erica and Todd were by Kristen. They let her stay with me during their revival when she was little...we enjoyed it while it lasted...Todd had told her last year that she couldn't stay with me all week anymore. She was getting older and it was just time. Then right off the bat she received the Holyghost at Flat Rock's revival and that took care of that! So now i'll keep the boys some...don't know how much she'll let Resiana stay just yet....the kids, Kristen and Carter, always have a themed pool party every summer. They invite their church friends and they have an all day party...hotdogs, cokes, ice cream...the works..they play in the the entertainment kinda takes care of itself. I'm thinking this year they will have to be 2 separate for boys and one for girls. We'll have to see what their parents say.
Well, guess i'll go for's church night tonite, and i'm anxious to see what the Lord has in store for us!

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