Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Day for Memories

Well today would have been Mom's birthday. It makes me sad to think i'll never be able to call her up and wish her a happy one...her life is over. She'll never celebrate another one...see how sad my thoughts are? I guess you just would have had to have known her. She celebrated everything. In her younger years when I was a child at home, she always did a lil something for us on our birthdays. When we got a lil older and Darrell came in the pic, well..it all became about him...lol. And that was ok. I am almost 8 yrs older than him, and it was kinda neat to have a baby bro and me be the big sister. But still..Mom made things special for us. She always made a Rabbit shaped cake at Easter for us..we thought that was so cool...no one elses mom we knew made one...ha ha..and at Christmas...oh man...she would bake cookies and cakes and candy..mmm good. She always made a lot and put them it in the freezer and when we would run out she'd go get some more...99% of our clothes were homemade, and she sewed for us every chance she could. We always had a new dress for Easter, Homecoming and the Christmas Program. A lot of people would call Mom and ask her to help them with showers, birthday parties and some weddings..she had a creative mind and a willing heart. She loved to make people laugh; sometimes I think she used laughter as a means to hide the hurt and pain she endured during her life as a young mother. There were many nights I would hear her cry...and not understand just what she was suffering. But then the next morning, she would have breakfast on the table, get us ready for school and herself off to work like she didn't have a care in the world. She loved her family. And so did Daddy.
His birthday was the 13th of this month. He didn't get into special occasions much...said that Christmas was just another day...but you just let us not celebrate it...HA HA...he'd have a cow! He looked forward to the festivities as much as we did...only he kept it hidden...he'd be so proud of his family today. He loved his kids...but the grandkids were another story....we couldn't discipline the kids around Daddy..he would come unglued...and the kids loved their Papa. He was a good dad...he didn't go to church...he quit going when I was around 3 i'm told...but he provided for his family. We didn't go hungry, and always had what we needed. He couldn't always provide a lot of extra's, but back then, we didn't know the difference anyway. Not like it is today. He loved to go fishing on the river, and he would absolutely love where i'm living today. I live within a mile of the Tenn river...Tony has a nice boat, and i'm sure Daddy would have gotten him to take him out in it every chance he got....
Well...I guess i'm done remembering Mom and Dad for the day...I think of them both nearly every single day. Sometimes their name just crosses my mind. Sometimes, something I see or hear, reminds me of them..sometimes a familiar smell of something cooking, or I hear an old song that Daddy would play on his guitar in the evenings he stayed home....*sigh...Love your parents. Don't think it too "silly" or embarassing to give them a hug..better yet...a big ole kiss on the cheek...tell them you love them often...then when that day comes to say goodbye and you look upon their face for the last time, you'll be so proud of each and every time you did......love to all...


  1. Well, GrannyJo you know how to make someone cry. But I know how you feel b/c sometimes you just have to go with the flow of your thoughts and heart to get it off your chest. And I 100% agree with your advice on showing your parents how much you love them. That is one thing I can truly say I didn't skemp on with my parents and today I am soooo thankful.

  2. Sorry I made you cry Cindy, but you're right...I just had to get that off my chest. I honestly wish people could understand how much you miss your parents after they're gone. And some of the regrets that you could avoid...but, you can't until you go thru it...and I believe it when you say that you were good to your mom and dad...I could tell you loved and respected them.