Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life...Part 2

I won't dwell on the next 37 yrs too much...so many things happened it would take forever to journal it here...but some of the highlights of those years were when Tony FINALLY recieved the Holyghost...when Michael was FINALLY born, after 28 hours of agonizing pain, and when Erica, our FINAL child was born less than a year later... then a few years down the road, the Lord healed me of Rheumatoid Arthritis...something I will devote a whole blog to later on...other highlights include our kids recieving the Holyghost, both of them when they were 10...and then Erica got married, altho I can't hardly say that was a highlight...nothing against Todd, it doesn't matter who, just that she got married. Period. At 15. What was Tony thinking? Oh yeah...he wasn't. He was praying his head off wondering if it was ok. And I remember when he told me that the Lord let him know it was ok...I cried and cried. But she did, and they are still happily married, I think it's been 19 yrs now...WOW...but we got Kristen out of the deal, so Tony forgave Todd for taking her away. LOL.....that left me Michael...aka Slick...and I will probably continue to call him Slick..he's been that to me for nearly 30 yrs...can't help it that he went all preacher on us...he's still Slick to me...I mean...I know what people mean,....like..Slick is kinda a "sneaky" type name and prolly not the best for a preacher...but..he's still Slick to me. And i'm still gonna call him that...ya'll just gonna have to deal wid it...anyways, back to my story..haha...Slick was still at home, and we became very close...he was all I had left in the nest...he would come home from being out with his friends, or a date, and I was always awake til he got home...he might not have thought I was, but I was...that's why he'd get grounded so much, he was always coming in late...but he'd tell me what all had happened, who was liking who..who wasn't liking who...and then this little pip-squeak of a girl came along and took him away....I cried again for months...let me tell you...that empty-nest syndrome is REAL...one day you have your child...and all his drama...and his friends coming over and all their drama...then the next day...NOTHING....no son, no friends, no drama, NOTHING...an empty house, no "Mom, where's my..." just silence...no football games on TV, no stomping across the floor upstairs..something that would get him in trouble when his daddy was trying to sleep...just silence...silence so loud it echoed...I would just go to his room and sit in it and cry...and wouldn't wash the clothes that he had left there...you would have thought he'd died the way I grieved...I felt like I had lost all purpose...and then, a few MONTHS later, it was like all of a sudden, I see Tony, sitting in the chair with this invisible sign over his head that read..."I'm still here"....and I realize what I have been doing...I guess I thought that he didn't need me like the kids did...but I was wrong...and from then on, I started looking on the good things...I had raised my children, they had left home with the Holyghost, and both had found good, loving spouses. My job was done. Now it was time for me and Tony. Our time. And we have been having a ball ever since...we love going to Florida...we love going to the campground..we have our business...Todd runs our shop in Scottsboro, and Slick bought our other store in Fort Oglethorpe, GA..and it's going great...we absolutely adore our grandkids, Kristen, Carter, Caden and Resiana...and can't wait until our new one comes, around the middle of August we're told...and we'll be headed to Hawaii...Our anniversary is Aug 3rd..so maybe we'll make it an anniversary celebration out of the trip as well..
Well, so much for the highlights...without a doubt there are a lot more that I could mention...but i'll save some of those for future blogs...i'm trying to get up-to-date with my lifestory so my blogs will be current day-to-day events...just thought i'd share a little life info about myself to ya'll that don't know me that well...hope you come back and see me!

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  1. Hee-Hee! I wondered what ya'll were thinking too when you let Erica marry Todd! Of course I was REALLY wondering what Erica was thinking WANTING to marry Todd!!! :)