Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And We're Off!

Well, revival started Sunday! Wow!!... that's the word that first comes to mind. I was amazed at how many people turned out for our Homecoming service...someone stopped counting at 450...we were so thrilled..honestly....and we were so thankful for the help that we got from the sisters from Trenton and Higdon. Trenton did all of our desserts and a lot of Higdon sisters helped with the dinner...we needed every single dish that was brought and we truly appreciated it. No one has made it so far, but we are definately expecting someone to...no doubt. I hope Br Jimmy and Br Edwin have a good week...I know they and their wives are probably VERY tired, they have been in revival for weeks now...
And then our baby news.....the kids told us the baby would be coming early! YAY!!...as long as he's healthy of course....we are trying to decide whether we should go or not...not that we don't want to...(a brand new grandbaby and a trip to Hawaii..come on..lol)...but that plane ride there (and back)...is gruesome. Not for the faint of heart...lol..we're gonna wait on more details before we decide...it will be close to our 37th anniversary, so we're taking that into consideration as well...it would be a great way to celebrate that!...I just really wish I was in better health...and Tony has a few health issues that we have to consider as well...but whether we go or not..we are so happy to be getting another grandchild..Tony and I thought that we had all we would get after the kids got Caden...we were so happy when Slick told us about Resiana...but then a few minutes later he told us about the baby and we've been talking about how many grandkids we would soon have...we've nearly doubled the amount!..lol...Tony said he had the thought that they might would name this one after him...he figures it's the last shot of it happening that he has....Tony and Michael's name is both "Anthony"..he said if they named this one Anthony, he would be 3rd generation...i'm like yeah.... "Anthony Anderson doesn't sound bad"...lol..(trying to go along with him)....I told him they were considering Anderson Blaine...Blaine is Tony's middle name...and he was happy with that too...but if they don't..we'll still be happy...we just want him to be healthy and hurry and get here..it will be so much fun having a newborn in the family again!

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