Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recovering from the weekend...

Whew...This was 5th weekend and I feel like it has been...I'm wore out..not as young as I used to's better than the alternative I guess. We had so many visitors Sat nite and Sun did my heart so good to see everyone of you that came. There was a great feeling there Sat night as the Lord blessed our visitors, and Sunday morn the Word of God came and it was wonderful as well...I've got left over Taco's in the fridge, and a few brownies, but everything else pretty much got wiped out, and that suits me just fine because I started a diet this past Monday and I didn't want all those goodies just sitting on the counter sending out signals to my brain that they needed to be eaten and not wasted. I had to fix 4 desserts for Sun and I gave all my leftovers away...I was a good girl....Me, Darrell and Sis Janice Sanders have started a diet and we're doing great! Our first week, and actually is wasn't really a whole week, just Mon-Fri and we all we will weigh from Fri-Fri..we're doing it biggest loser style, not pounds, but percentage..makes it fair for everyone. One of the rules I chose was I could only have 2 cans/bottles of regular pop per day. No big deal one might think, but when you are used to drinking at least 6 or more a day, well...let's just say, it is gonna make a drastic drop in Mt Dew sales at the gas The first day/night was so hard for me...I actually woke up at 10:36pm and thought I have 1 hour and 24 minutes and I can legally go get me a can...but then that would be 1 of my 2 for the day, and I willed myself back to After Mon tho, it seemed a lil easier, I have to have one (I think) when I first get up, then I drink water, or sugar free tea til about dinner, then I splurge and have my 2nd one...I've gotten it down to a science now other rule is I can't eat after 7:30pm unless it's a church night...seems kinda limpy huh...well, a LOT of nights Tony wants to go to Crackerbarrell after church, and I hated to have to say please no all the time...I mean, he could go without me, but won't hardly. And I certainly don't want to go and sit and watch him eat...UGH..who can do that?????? We have to keep our rules, each one of us have our own rules, chosen by us, and have to be a challenge for us to keep...I mean, if I chose no eating after 9pm that would be too easy for me...we'll keep these rules every day, no exceptions unless something beyond our control occurs, until St Patricks day..oh, I might mention that we have a penalty of $5 every time we break one of our rules...the one who loses the most percentage gets it at our final weigh in...I honestly fought the first day to drink that 3rd can of pop, but wasn't willing to pay $5 for it...almost, but my pride refused to let me be the first one to fall, much less on the first would have never let me lived that one down..we are very competitive though, and I might add, he had to pay the first penalty..hee hee..course Donna says I should let him slide cause he just forgot, but nope. I could just "forget" how many cans of pop i've had too..LOL...gotta be tough in this competition...Sis Janice is in the lead so far percentage wise...way to go Janice! Wish it were me, but it's woo hoo for her...we'll i'll try to keep ya'll updated on our diet progress...stay tuned!

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  1. I stopped drinking cokes cold turkey man that was hard!! So I know what ur going through!! I haven't had a coke in almost two years now!!