Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Blog of the Year...

Well, it's 2011. Can't believe it...where has the time gone? I'm looking at Christmas decorations, i'm ready for them to be down, and yet, it just seems like I did that??? And it won't be no time, til i'll be dragging them out again...I've heard some say they are ready for summer already, well, I love summer, but i'll wait..why wish your life away? I plan on enjoying a couple of months of NOTHING...I plan on doing some winter cleaning. Gonna start at one end of the house and go through drawers, cabinets and closets and get rid of some stuff. I don't know how in the world I accumulated all these things! I mean, you'd think I was a compulsive buyer, or worse, a hoarder, from the looks of some of my cabinets. I am determined to put the stuff I haven't used in 6 months in boxes and see if Erica or Crystal want it. And if they don't, Goodwill here it comes. I mean..I have Arbonne that's never been opened..I just thought I wanted to look younger..ha ha. And then I have Tony egging me on..he wants me to throw away all of my dishes and get new ones that match! Even silverware! I told him that some of those bowls were Mom's and Granny's and I wasn't doing nothing with them, but I guess i'll be cleaning out kitchen cabinets too. I think I would like not opening a cabinet and then throwing up both arms to protect my head from falling plates and bowls..ha! I got new cookware from Tony and Crystal at Christmas, he got me stainless steel and she got me T-Fal..I really like both. I was dreading cooking some stuff in the stainless steel pans, so she took care of that with the T-Fal. But now that means I have to go through my pots and pans and decide what to get rid of. I'm keeping my cast iron too many years seasoning them
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I think I enjoyed this year more than I have any other in a long time. It's been a couple of years since I lost anyone in my family, so it wasn't as sad for one thing. Darrell got me the sweetest gift..a portrait of me, Donna and him when we were made me cry..(Thanks Br Shannon)...then we had Resiana and Crimsyn this year, and it was so good knowing they were a part of our family now. And I had many grateful thoughts that the Lord had allowed Crimsyn to come home to us. I guess our little family is complete now, and we'll just sit back and wait on the Great Grandkids to come along...I suppose Kristen will be the first to marry...she's a couple years older than Carter. I know one thing, she won't marry without Todd Davis having heart'll be payback for him taking Erica away from us so young. She's already got her a fella, he's a cutie too...Stuart Higdon. Of course Todd says she won't be getting married til she's like, 13546 years old...yeah, that's what we thought about Erica too. Carter has a girlfriend, her name is Josie. I told him she already scored points with me because that was my grandmother's name! He was a good lil fella and bought her a nice bracelet for Christmas..spent his own money too! Man, I just know that one day i'm gonna think about this night, sitting here writing this blog, and wonder at how the time flew by...
I loved getting up Christmas morning to the snow! I couldn't believe it...I ran back into the bedroom and woke Tony first I just thought it was just real foggy. Erica, Todd and Kristen almost didn't make it down the mountain to come to the house. And Slick had to try several times to make it up our hill (driveway)..but it was so good when they all got there. Tony had built a fire in the fireplace..breakfast was good, Resiana got to help Tony play Santa. This was her first official Christmas. She said she knew about Santa, but he didn't bring her anything. That wasn't true this year! I felt a pang of sadness for her birthmother and all of the people, which includes children, living in the park. Felt guilty. Crystal had sent care packages over there to her for herself and to distribute to those in the park with her. Crystal is such a good person. She truly does care for others and i'm glad she's my daughter-in-law.
Well, I guess i'll close for now...need to hit the sack and get ready tomorrow to head to Florida Monday morning if i'm able. I've taken a slight setback with this cold, and if i'm not able to go to church tomorrow night, I won't be going to Florida...I do feel better than I did yesterday, but i'm still coughing...there is so much sickness going around..I guess we just need to pray for everyone, sick or well, and believe that things will turn around for those that are sick soon....til next time!

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