Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello, Hello

I thought I would sit down and blog for a while tonight. Didn't seem to have anything better to do for the moment. Sometimes I wonder why I do this. But, I have found that sometimes it seems to help to put it into words. Now I need to define what "it" is..I guess it's things that I wonder about, things that I don't seem to find a reason for..have ya ever had something just bug the daylights out of you, and it seems so big and real to you, until you tell someone about it. And it seems that as you speak the words, you can just feel how silly it sounds, or how dumb it is that you're struggling with it. Many times this has happened to me. I would wallow and struggle and have a full blown warfare in my mind going on and i'd try to be a good gal and not say anything, but then the man i've lived with for 38 yrs asks me what is wrong, and after a few "it doesn't matter", i'll cave and tell him the reason i've been cranky, or weepy, sometimes cranky and weepy, whichever the issue called for. And as i'm playing this dramatic sequence of events out to him, I feel dumber and dumber, til i'm almost embarrassed that I ever did or said anything...and I can see that it's really no big deal at all...well, enough of that. Don't know where that come from, but it's gone now. LOL

I'm gearing up for the holidays! I already have 5 trees up. Not decorated, but put together. Gonna start decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween! It takes about 2 weeks of solid work to get everything out and up. I am planning on a total of 10 trees this year, but it may just wind up being 9. Tony is going to try to start putting the lights on the house next week too. He'd like to have them up so that we can light up the house the night after Thanksgiving. We are going to Florida with Janice, Duane, Stanley and Carol the week before Thanksgiving. I think we are going to have a good time. They are old friends..and we're looking forward to going to Disney with them. Disney at Christmas is gorgeous! Love the decorations, and the Christmas parade at the party they have. This trip will be kinda laid back though, considering that 3 of us will be in electric wheelchairs..ha ha..Janice and Duane have never flown, so that will be an experience in itself. Janice is in panic mode thinking about the flight..I hope the weather is good so it will be smooth.

I don't know about ya'll, but I can't hardly believe that it's almost the Christmas season. Slick has already started emailing his wish list to He has no problem letting me know what he wants for Christmas. Erica doesn't either most years. She just wants money or gift cards, but this year I hope she finds something different...only so many ways you can wrap up an (yeah, i've put it in boxes, played treasure hunt...etc) This year, i'd like to have a Christmas party with all my old friends from up North..(hey Sherrill, if your reading this, HELP) We had some come to the house last year, and it was so much fun reliving our younger days..I hope I can pull this off.

Well, I need to go check on my mama dogs. I had one who had her pups Monday. She had 6 and 3 of them died today. I got another mama dog who is 3 days overdue..but I think she'll have them tonight, oh..i'd say bout the time I get good and asleep...I had another one born last Fri and I about drowned it..didn't think the dog was gonna have any pups..she sure didn't look like it. And when her estimated due date came and no pups, I figured she just took a break this time. 2 days later, I go out to feed them, and she has this other female by the neck, growling and shaking her. I get the water hose and start pouring it to her, but she won't let a min I see this little puppy floating in the barrell. OH MY GOODNESS...she was protecting her baby!..He lived, but I pert near drowned the little fella..I told Tony that surely I could come up with a good testimony outta that experience!!! HA HA Til next time.......


  1. That poor Puppy!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to see that you blogged again and I will comment on it so you dont feel like no one reads it :) I can see you now running around trying to save that pup! Haha Maybe next time won't be 2 months till you post again

  2. I'm here!!!! I'm reading!!! And yes - we had so much fun - the bodies didn't last as long as they used to but what a time we had - goofy big truck horn and all - LOLOLOL!!!