Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vacation ahead...

Well, we are preparing to head out to Disney in 9 days. We are taking Kerry and Gayle Duvall and their kids and families. Kerry, along with Glynn, are distributors of the metal roofing that we manufacture. They have been good to us and our business, TJ's Metal. They have been our distributors for several years now. Tony decided a few months back that we needed to do something in appreciation for all their business...and.....aha! I know! Disney!...what else?....since Kerry and Glynn are partners in the business it was a no brainer that we would take them both..but Tony got to thinking, Kerry and Gayle only have 1 other child...hey..let's just take them too! in 9 days we'll board a plane and head to Orlando once again....We are also taking our other 2 distributors at the same time in January. That would be Tony's brother Neal and his whole family, and his sister, Melody and her family...they both are distributors of our metal. Tony and I love Disney...we enjoy going ourselves, but we love taking others..we love to see the faces of the little ones as they see the castle for the first time..or Mickey Mouse...Tony says he remembers us being a young family and not being able to afford taking us anywhere..coming to Alabama was our "vacation"...but that was ok..I knew we couldn't do anything else, and our kids had never gone anywhere anyway so they didn't know anything different....that's one reason we love taking others...maybe take someone that wouldn't be able to go on their own...and no kuddos to us...cause we get something out of it
I think after our trip in January, we are going to go on one more family trip..and retire from Disney...maybe go once a year or so... just not go so much. I am looking into us "retiring" with a Disney "land and cruise trip"...4 days at WDW, then a bus pick us up and take us to a Disney ship and spend 3 days at sea. We've never been on a cruise before and we've always wanted to, just kinda leery about seasickness...yuck..just take tons of Dramamine I guess..anyway...that won't be til round June or so..i'll worry bout that then. We would also love to go to Hawaii again...
Well, it's church night tonight..hope we have a good service..hope we hear the Word of God...hope I see myself if i'm found short...and I probably will be...usually am...especially if it's about Charity...ugh.


  1. I would say I'm jealous, but our preacher says Holiness people shouldn't get jealous, LOL. We've been wanting to take our kids to Disney for a couple of years now, and, Lord willing, we will next summer! Who knows, maybe the same time you're down there! We'll have to get pointers from ya!

  2. Well I'll say it - I'm jealous! LOL But I'm over it now so no worries :)